It’s The Little Things

Yesterday started off with me being very agitated. I had almost no sleep and I was very miserable to say the least. After a prayer and an off key verse from “Order My Steps In Your Word”, I began to feel better.

As usual, my routine began – wake the boys, pack lunches and prepare for the early morning school run. We were a few minutes late leaving (perfectly normal for me) and while locking up my residence I noticed a little puppy was running in the parking lot as fast as his young legs would allow. His owner was right behind him with another little canine keeping up. The chase was on as this guy and his little companion ran as fast as they could to retrieve the runaway pup before he was struck by a vehicle.

My boys and I proceeded to our car thinking that little comedy show was over. As I opened my driver’s side door, the guy had stopped (for the fourth time) to ensure that this little pup was following him. I laughed and said, “you should probably pick him up and carry him” and as he bent down to scoop him that little excited ball of fur ran directly towards me and hopped into my car. He was the cutest little thing but in my mind I was saying, “no sir, not today!” I picked his little curious self up and said, “No buddy, this will not work.” I gently handed him over to his owner (who he was obviously not familiar with as yet) and told him again that it would probably be best if he carried him and he finally did just that.

The thing is, that brief encounter with that puppy was a bittersweet one for me. It caused me to reminisce about my little dog that I had to give away. It wasn’t what we as a family wanted to do, but it was the best decision for our little guy at the time. I adopted Chewy (short for Chewbacca)  from a young couple who apparently rescued him as well from an abusive situation. He was almost 6lbs (9lbs maximum weight) when I got him and our family nursed him back to health. Chewy is a Yorkshire Terrier/Miniature Pinscher mix. He was such a darling dog with the cutest little face and he was always good to us.

Chewy, like most little dogs, had his issues (and we had ours) so it was best for him to remain with a stable family during our transitional period. However, we decided against bringing him to be with us as it would really affect him. We are hopeful that someday soon we will be able to visit him since we know the family that has adopted him.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that takes a back to a time when everything was ok. The brief encounter with that little puppy was that moment for me. I really miss Chewy and although I will probably never be able to have him understand the reason I left him behind, I will always love him. Chewy will always be a member of our family, regardless of  the distance between us.20150926_144742


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