When “THE ENEMY” Strikes….

“Baby, prepare yourself for Christmas, I’m going home.” These were the last words spoken from his lips directly to me. These would be the words I would repeat countless times under my breath for years to come.

Life was good with him. While so many people long for a relationship where trust and loyalty is the focus, we had that. He was always present and accounted for during my most important moments. Good times were better because he was there and bad times were short-lived because he was there.

He was a humble, kindhearted man who lived daily for God and his family. A hard-worker who never missed work (spiritual or physical). His belief in Christ and ability to spread the gospel was very impressive. He was a faithful steward who never allowed his current situations to prevent him from telling those he met about how great our God is.

He was full of life and had an infectious smile to match his character. In 2010, the enemy showed up and tried to claim him. He said God must not be done with him because he survived the attack. This life changing event allowed him to realize that his purpose was obviously not fulfilled. This man, obviously not ruffled by this attempt on his life, automatically walked from the depression of a hospital bed to his God bestowed season.

His love for his Creator intensified causing him to step out of this comfort zone and establish a branch Sabbath school for the federation he was president of. This new venture took the gospel to community members who were a great distance away from the SDA church he belonged to. Souls were being won for Christ and he was happy. I loved being around him during this period of his life.

Life seemed to be going just the way he wanted. He was doing well in his career and he was using his test as a testimony and witnessing countless sinners being saved. I was so proud of him and often wondered if I would ever find my spiritual niche.

It was early 2004 when the enemy decided to strike again….this time with a vengeance. Watching this man struggle to survive was so hard, but his unwavering faith was so inspiring. How can he be so devoted to his calling when he was dealing with the hardest aspect of his life? It was the hope that he had – pure optimism – that his heavenly Father’s will would be done in the end.

As the months passed, he deteriorated so much that it was uncanny. Although he was unable to work anymore, he remained in the soul-winning business. There was never a time that he wasn’t sharing God’s word or simply praising Him for blessings. His body was aching and he had been without sleep for months. Obviously, to me at least, he was preparing for his demise. He spoke of favorite songs and scriptures and what he wanted for his family.

The enemy was breaking this man down daily but God was in control. It was horrible watching this man whom I loved, cherished and respected fight for his breath, his life, his freedom from the enemy – the demon – this murderer.

On December 12, 2004 time stood still as the news came that this man had passed away. Just as he told me he would two days prior, he went to be with his Lord and Savior. He won and the enemy was defeated. He was no longer in pain, he was no longer struggling for breaths, he was no longer deprived of sleep and he was no longer fighting to survive. He was free and his frail body was now at rest. He left his mark in the world and now his purpose was fulfilled – his earthly task was accomplished.


The enemy – the demon – the murderer – CANCER!!

This man – missed and never to be forgotten – my friend – my confidant – my FATHER!!


Until we meet again……..



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